The detainees were in court on Friday. | T. Ayuga

A 26-year-old gypsy from El Molinar and a 27-year-old Dominican from La Soledad have been arrested in connection with a brutal double stabbing last weekend.

The incident happened when three friends went to Carrer del Teix in the early hours of Sunday morning to buy drugs. A white Volkswagen drew up behind their car and two people allegedly got out and attacked them.

One of the victims was stabbed in the lung and a second in the liver, the third person was unharmed and drove them to Son Espases Hospital for urgent treatment.

Officers detained one of the suspects on Thursday and the second surrendered to police hours later.

Carrer del Teix in La Soldedad is ‘El Pablo’ clan territory and well known for drug dealing. Police believe the stabbings may be related to turf wars in the area but have yet to confirm the motive behind the attack.

Both detainees are considered very dangerous, have a police record and were arrested in connection with a similar incident in La Soledad in 2016, but were acquitted when the victim failed to appear in court.