Mossèn Alcover Institute, Manacor. Archive photo. | Ultima Hora

The Government is spending 3.2 million euros on renovations at 7 Primary Schools and one Secondary School in Manacor in the next year.

Simó Ballester Primary School will be expanded by closing Carrer de Lepant and connecting it to the Sementals building at a cost of 1,780,000 euros.

840,000 euros worth of improvements will be made at sa Torre and 230,000 has been earmarked to renovate the bathrooms at Mossèn Alcover Institute.

Applications have already been made for building licences and the work is scheduled to begin next year.

Other projects include the extension of the Porto Cristo Institute, the closure of the pétanque field at Mestre Pere Garau and repairs to Mitjà de Mar School.