The price of pork in Majorca is a whopping 41.9% more than the same time last year. | ARCHIVO


The price of pork has soared to record levels thanks to increased demand from Asia.

China is the largest producer and consumer of pork in the world but the country has been hit by an epidemic of African plague, forcing the Chinese to look elsewhere for supplies.

Yesterday the price of pork in Majorca was 2.10 euros, which is a whopping 41.9% more than the same time last year.

Demand from the Peninsula, either to export to China or for Spanish sausage companies is also off the charts.

Here in Spain, piglet is a popular choice at Christmas but it’s gone up by 6 euros in the last week to 64 euros, compared to 49 a year ago so dinner will cost a lot more than it did in 2018.

The Ramaders Agrupats Group Manager, Margalida Obrador, is convinced that the high prices are temporary and will return to normal soon.

"The Chinese have had to sacrifice thousands of pigs because of the epidemic and the high demand will last for a maximum of two years,” she says, adding, "in Majorca there are four pig farms for fattening, in addition to porcella producers.”

The Asosciació de Productors de Porcí, Antoni Mestre is convinced the price of piglet won't go up again before the Christmas holidays, but says it's a lucrative market right now.

“Porcelli breeders prefer to sell their herds to the Peninsula because demand is high and large piglets can fetch up to 80 or 90 euros." he says.