Moment of the incident taken from a video camera

Moment of the incident taken from a video camera.

16-12-2019National Police

A 38-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly doing a runner from a petrol station in Palma.

The incident happened in the Son Malferit neighbourhood of Palma on Saturday. The defendant allegedly had an arguement over how he was going to pay for the petrol, then hit the attendant with his car as he tried to drive off without paying.

Police launched a search for the driver who was eventually found in Son Banya and charged with a crime of injury.

The garage attendant was taken to hospital for treatment.


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kenione / Hace over 2 years

This would not be a problem if all pumps were card payment only. Only problen is that shop sales would suffer as no chance to 'impulse buy', but if this is such a big problem as I used to suffer in the UK, it would still be the best option! If oil companies paid for 'Drive offs' instead of site operators something would soon be done.


Fred / Hace over 2 years

I would like to see the system of paying for the fuel inside the office . Then the Staff action the amount you have paid, and allocate that to a designated petrol pump. The Pump will only release the amount paid for. It would be impossible to drive off. Attendants at the pump can check the delivery . Drivers can then leave having pre paid for their fuel.