During hours the squatters took their belongings out of the building. | Agency

At least a dozen squatters have been forcibly removed from two 4-storey buildings near Plaça de Cort in Palma, after a year long battle in the courts.

The squatters packed their suitcases and put their bikes, animals and other belongings in Carrer de Sant Bartomeu in preparation for the move and left the premises without any problems when the police arrived.

One of the squatters was found guilty of entering the property without the permission of the owner some time ago, but the defendant appealed the court order to vacate the premises.

It is notoriously difficult to evict squatters and taking legal action can be time-consuming and expensive.

In the third quarter of last year, 41 new cases were filed and almost a hundred are still pending, according to the latest data from the CGPJ.