Stormy weather forecast for Friday. | Agency

Storm Elsa is due to arrive in Majorca this Friday bringing extremely strong winds, torrential rain and high seas according to the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, in the Balearic Islands,

Southwesterly winds are forecast to be gusting at more than 90 kilometres an hour and could reach as high as 120 kilometres an hour in coves and mountain areas.

"Storm Daniel’s southerly winds are raking up dust, causing mists and reducing visibility but they’ll be replaced by much higher winds when Elsa arrives,” said Aemet’s María José Guerrero.

The clouds will start to roll in today but the worst of the storm won’t arrive until Friday which will be overcast with heavy showers and cooler temperatures after dark.

Early morning mist and fog is predicted on Thursday with strong west and southwesterly winds and it’ll be cold overnight.