Women get an average of 748 euros a month, compared to 1,118 euros for men. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Pension payments for women in the Balearic Islands are 33% less than for men, according to a new report by the UGT.

Women get an average of 748 euros a month, compared to 1,118 euros for men, although the report claims 17.21% of women receive more than one pension, whereas only 4% of men are in the same situation.

The Balearic Islands isn’t the only place with a massive gender gap in payments, in Asturias women’s pensions are a whopping 44% less than men.

The UGT reasons that the difference in pay in the Balearic Islands is lower than the State average is partly because large numbers of women work in the Service Sector where salaries are lower and contracts are seasonal.

Widows in the Balearic Islands receive the second lowest pension in the country at around 656 per month and Galician widows are even worse off with 622 euros a month.

A widows pension is paid to 1,386 men and 24,518 women in the Balearic Islands who receive an average of 656 euros a month, which is the second lowest in the country.

Galician widows get paid even less at an average of 622 euros a month.

The Secretary of Social Policies & Equality, Xisca Garí pointed out that there's an inequality in the working lives of men and women and the jobs that women do are often undervalued which is why they get paid less.

"The wage inequalities that we suffer in the labour stage are reproduced in retirement," said Mr Garí.

The UGT says inroads have already been made to close the pension gaps, including the repeal of the Labour Reform of 2012, the introduction of Pension Reforms in 2013, approval of the Equal Pay Law and the construction of Nursery Schools and residences for women so that they don't have to choose between working or caring for their family.