National Police Officers arrived at the scene. | Agency

A report has been sent to the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office about a 13-year-old boy’s alleged criminal behaviour.

Last Tuesday at around 8.30pm the teenager allegedly banged into a woman in Carrer del Vicari Joaquín Fuster in the Es Molinar neighbourhood of Palma, stole her handbag then fled.

He then allegedly stole a car while the driver was a few metres away.

Witnesses say the 13-year-old could barely reach the accelerator pedal and hit several parked cars in the street before crashing into a wall, then running away.

National Police Officers arrived at the scene and took statements from passersby who had witnessed the incident and neighbours were able to identify the suspect.

Police Officers spoke to the mother of the boy who was not arrested, but a report has been logged about the incident.