The dog was tied in a bag and dumped in a rubbish container. | Ultima Hora

Prosecutors are asking that a man who threw his dog into a rubbish bin in Palma be jailed for at least a year.

On April 13, neighbours heard the dog crying and rescued the animal from a double-knotted bag inside a dumpster.

The puppy was extremely traumatised and suffered brain injury, pulmonary contusions, a fractured rib and cardiorespiratory arrest.

The bill for hospitalisation and treatment came to 4,446.40 euros and was paid for by the Son Reus Peluditos Association.

The defendant is accused of a crime of serious abuse of domestic animals and in addition to one year in jail, the Prosecutor's Office is demanding that he be banned from any profession or trade linked to animals for three years.

The accused will also have to compensate the Son Reus Peluditos Association for the money spent at the vet.