Room Mate president Kike Sarasola. | ROOM MATE GROUP - Europa Press -

Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish international chain that has built its reputation on urban hotels, is to open its first resort hotel. A new brand, Room Mate Beach Hotels, has been launched, and Magalluf is to be the location of this first hotel - the Room Mate Olivia. Owned by the American HIP fund, a subsidiary of Blackstone, the Room Mate Group will operate the hotel as a four-star establishment with 391 rooms.

HIP has invested 23 million euros in converting the Calvia Dreams and Barracuda hotels into the Room Mate Olivia complex. Interior design is by the Chilean, Jaime Beriestain, who was named Spain's interior designer of the year in 2016. For Room Mate, which was founded in 2005 by its president Kike Sarasola, the move represents a continuation of the group's innovation and creates a new business line which has the aim of "rediscovering the experience and concept of the beach hotel".

Room Mate Olivia resort in Magalluf

When agreement was reached with HIP in the summer, Sarasola said that this new challenge inspired him as he believed in the future of mature tourist resorts and in Magalluf and its location.

Room Mate Group expansion over the next two years will involve the opening of fourteen hotels and thirteen apartment buildings. Sarasola suggests that the company will be looking at other opportunities in Majorca and the Balearics.