Works by Catalan artist Modest Cuixart will be on exhibition in Palma. Archive photo. | J. TORRES

From February 12 until June 20, the “Picasso Engravings: in the manner of Rembrandt”, will be on show and will include the “Suite Vollard”.

There will also be an exhibition works created by the Catalan artist, Modest Cuixart from 1955-1966 from February 5 until May 16. It includes documentation and fragments of a film by Jean-André Fleschi that show Modest Cuixart in the process of creating his enormous paintings with dolls and ropes.

The José Guerrero Pelegrinaje exhibition is on until until January 18 and contains work created during the artist's stay in Spain between 1966 and 1969 after he returned from New York.

And the "Marx Ernst: Natural History exhibition", which is dedicated to one of the main exponents of the Dada movement and surrealism, is on until February 8 with 34 drawings reproduced in phototype that the artist made for the series "Histoire naturelle", in 1925, in Paris.