Forest fire in Andratx earlier this year. | MICHELS¶

There have been 105 forest fires in the Balearics this year which have affected 104.2 hectares.

The vast majority of these fires, 92%, were small scale or very small scale - less than a hectare. These were responsible for 9.2 hectares. The remaining eight per cent scorched 95 hectares.

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In Majorca there have been 69 fires, 63 of which were small scale and claimed a total of 5.9 hectares. Six large fires affected 92.5 hectares. The impact of fires on other islands was therefore very low.

In Ibiza, 5.1 hectares were burnt, Minorca 0.5 hectares, and Formentera 0.2.

The environment ministry’s Ibanat agency has meanwhile finished maintenance and improvement work on the access lane to the Míner public finca in Escorca and has completed work for a new fire defence corridor in Formentera, which was part of the 2019 plan for forest fire defence.