The Government installed a new decanter in the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Consell to avoid the constant breakdowns that were occurring. | Ultima Hora

The Biniali Mayor, Miquel Fiol, PI, claims that a sewage treatment plant and an industrial laundry are contaminating at least nine wells in Sencelles.

"If urgent measures are not taken, the well that supplies water to the town could also be contaminated,” said Mayor Fiol. He also says that sewage was found in analysis of nine wells on local farms and that the laundry is to blame for the spillage, saying "once we even found heavy metals.”


Mayor Fiol and the Councilor of the Consell IP, Xisca Campins, have asked the Government to speed up the process required to expand the Consell treatment plant.

The IP presented a one million euro amendment clause to the Autonomous Community Budget in 2020, to cover the cost of the WWTP expansion works, but the Government has only budgeted 67,760 euros.

"The Board of Directors of Abaqua has already approved 67,760 euros for the project with the idea of starting the works in 2021, but the total cost will not be known until the end of the project," said Abaqua manager Guillem Rosselló.

Rosselló admits that the Consell treatment plant has had problems, but claims they have now been eliminated and has invited the Biniali Mayor to take samples.

"If we are causing a problem, we are the first ones interested in knowing it," said Rosselló.

But after 12 years of complaints to different administrations Mayor Fiol is skeptical.

"The previous Minister did not want to meet me and sent me to the General Director of Water Resources who did not fix anything," he says.