The National Police have so far arrested a 21-year-old Dominican man in connection with the fight. | Archivo

At least one person has been arrested in connection with a huge brawl at a club in Palma.

Witnesses say an argument started in the Opus Nightclub in the Gomila district of the city at around 5am on New Year’s day, after a drink was accidentally spilled over a group of people in the club.

Within seconds, the place became a battlefield with stools, chairs, glasses and other objects being thrown around and some people were allegedly brandishing knives and sticks.

More than 15 people were involved in the fight and police say that they had to call for reinforcements to help them separate the group. Several ambulances were deployed to the scene to attend to the injured and at least one person required stitches and was taken to hospital.

The owner of the club told officers that he had strict security and a metal detector to prevent people bringing in weapons, but police allegedly discovered a knife, a 30cm machete blade and a large wooden stick covered in blood when they searched those involved.

Statements are being analysed and cctv footage is being closely studied to determine exactly how the fight started and who was involved.