Waiting times for an ITV inspection have been up to 3 months

Waiting times for an ITV inspection have been up to 3 months.

28-06-2019P. PELLICER

The Council of Majorca says that the waiting time for an appointment at the ITV will gradually decrease.

The new ITV management contract came into force on Thursday and requires an appointment within a maximum of thirteen days but the Council acknowledges that it will take time to achieve that goal.

It's now January there are no appointments available until February, which is a long way from the 13 day limit but much better than the four month delays at the end of last year.

The goal is to have a maximum of 13 days wait for an appointment

A spokesman for the Council says a lot of people have complained that they’re not allowed to pay for their ITV with cash, but by law, all fees must be paid by bank transfer or with a credit or debit card.

21 new workers have been taken on to deal with the backlog and stations are now open three hours longer, from from 6am until 9pm.


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