The defendant in court

The defendant in court in Palma.

07-01-2020Juan P. Martínez

A Nigerian woman has been jailed for two years for robbing a tourist in Magalluf in May 2013.

The court heard that the defendant and two other people surrounded the victim, beat him up and took his wallet, credit cards, personal documentation and mobile phone.

The woman, who’s been working as a prostitute and doesn’t have work papers for Spain, is allowed to stay in Majorca because she has a son who was born here.

She has been fined 540 euros and ordered to pay 1050 euros in compensation to the victim who suffered a cranial contusion and a left scaphoid fracture during the assault.


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Tony / Hace over 2 years

Blame the snowflakes who continue to bleat you can’t send them back they’ve got kids or they were born here if a puppy is born in a stable it’s not a horse get them on the next plane out no ifs no buts if they are trying to escape persecution in there own country then they’d obey the rules of their host to avoid being deported


Simonch / Hace over 2 years

Sadly this situation seems to be across Europe. We have the same problem in the UK. Takes years to come to court, paltry fine and then allowed to stay because they have put down so called roots. In one case in the UK I believe the judge allowed the criminal to stay because they had pets in the UK! Can you believe it?


Steve / Hace over 2 years

One for the editor, the correct spelling is Magaluf. Very irritating and questionable creditibility when it's cintinually mis-spelt...


Des Mitchell / Hace over 2 years

This is absolute rubbish and shows the decline in common sense on this island of Majorca. People can spend a night in prison for more minor stupid offenses & get a bigger fine. I have seen these women at their so called work at close hand & the law needs to do more to get them out. They are not scared of ANYTHING and this just gives them more ammunition to continue. RUBBISH. Meanwhile the government wants to make extra money out of brexit for those of us working hard here which will just push people away from the island.... see ya


Bert / Hace over 2 years

No, the date, May 2013, is correct.


Jan Amtrup / Hace over 2 years

2013, this have to be a wrong😕


Adam Ostenfeld / Hace over 2 years

This is not Justice and is in no way a point to make them think twice before committing such an act of violence and lack of respect for the Spainish Judicial System it's disheartening to see the continual deterioration of any sort of Justice , I do not understand how these people are allowed to stay beyond there visa which obviously she did there must be many of her friends in Magaluff who are in the same business waiting to commit the same crimes again this summer .


Fred. / Hace over 2 years

This punishment is very poor and weak. All the mainly Nigerian Prostitutes operating in Magaluf will not be put off operating illegally in Mallorca. Further crimes of this type will occur because there is no fear.


James Smith / Hace over 2 years

The way I understand it is that she, and her friends, have been out on the street since this occurred and is now having to pay the consequences. The left wing government and justice system was probably hoping that it blow over and disappear. There are thousands of women in the same situation as are their drug dealing husbands or partners. The only reason I can think of is that she is a coloured person from Africa, and that we should feel sorry for them. Crazy. Finally I do hope her victim hasn’t suffered long term health problems.


Natalie Hilton / Hace over 2 years

So, if I get this right, she is a prostitute who beat up a victim for some reason, and it's taken till now for the case to get to court? Why on earth should she be allowed to stay on the island at all? So she's also illegal as well. Send her back. I guess she has connections as well to those scam gangs that send begging letters or emails asking for money.