Gender reassignment surgery

Gender reassignment surgery.


Of the 26 people in the Balearic Islands who requested a sex reassignment operation, two changed their minds, 21 have already had the procedure and three will have surgery this year.

The agreement signed in 2017 between Servei de Salut and Barnaclínic, which is part of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona, has made a significant difference to waiting lists for vaginoplasty operations, which cost between 16,000 and 17,000 euros.

The Ben Amics Association welcomes the fact that more vaginoplasty operations are being carried out but the Association’s President, Tatiana Casado claims “trans men are clearly at a disadvantage compared to trans women,” and is calling for more research into phalloplasty and metaidoioplasty.

"Trans men, who ultimately give up, don’t do so because they don’t want to have the operation but because they believe they have no guarantee of success,” said Tatiana Casado.

In 2017, the Ministry allowed transgender people to change the birth name on their health card and medical history.

There are now 187 people with a health identification according to their gender identity.


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