Emaya workers cleaning the streets of Palma after a Revetla. | Ultima Hora

Palma's mayor, José Hila, yesterday presented a new town hall campaign of sustainability and civic responsibility. To tie in with the Sant Sebastià fiestas, the campaign, said Hila, is to involve residents in responsible behaviour so that the city is "cleaner and sustainable".

The mayor stressed the need for the collaboration of all citizens. "Without this help, the town hall cannot ensure that Palma is clean."

The campaign, which is to run for the whole year, is under the slogan of 'Palma is your home. Look after it'. Hila emphasised that the current administration wants to be one marked by "civic responsibility and sustainability". To this end, the campaign was being launched for Sant Sebastià, but it will continue.

The town hall, the mayor noted, is reinforcing the police and street cleaning personnel for the 'Revetla' (the music night) this coming Sunday. There will be 120 police officers, ten per cent more than in 2019, and the police will be paying particular attention to irresponsible actions, such as with bonfires in the streets. The Emaya municipal services agency will meanwhile be putting out an additional 180 rubbish containers and installing 64 temporary toilets. The agency has also distributed some 30,000 reusable glasses.

Hila said that "we need to get rid of the image of squares being full of plastic after the 'Revetla' ". He also mentioned the midsummer Sant Joan fiestas as well as other fiestas in the city, for which he hoped that there will be "commitment on behalf of the citizens".