Pensioners protest on streets of Palma

In recent years, pensioners have taken to the streets several times to claim decent pensions in order to make ends meet.

16-10-2019Jaume Morey

More than 190,000 people in the Balearic Islands will benefit from a 0.9% increase in pensions effective from January 1.

In December last year, 194,181 pensions were paid in the Islands, but the Secretary of Policies & UGT Equality, Xisca Garí, pointed out that some people receive more than one remuneration.

The average pension in the Balearic Islands is 921.67 euros a month, which is well below the state average of 995.76 euros per month.

“The measure approved on Tuesday is the first step in the recovery of the purchasing power of the elderly,” said Garí, who vowed that the union extend its claims and called on the Government to repeal the 2013 pension reform, saying "Older people must be able to live in dignity."

The pensions increase was welcomed by the Socialist Deputy for the Balearic Islands in Congress, Pere Joan Pons, Més spokesman, Miquel Ensenyat and the spokesman of the Autonomous Committee of Citizens in the Balearic Islands, Joan Mesquida.


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George / Hace over 2 years

Not taking into account that they get a double pension in June and a double pension in December, eg 14 months pension. The system is not sustainable. Something will have to change, if not the whole pack of cards will come tumbling down.


Steve Riches / Hace over 2 years

Way higher than the UK Old age pension.


Fred. / Hace over 2 years

This figure is higher than the UK State Pension.