Stefan Milojevic was arrested in Palma on Thursday morning.

16-01-2020Alejandro Sepúlveda

The National Police conducted raids in Palma, Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia on Thursday that there were directed against leaders of an alleged criminal organisation. One of those arrested was Stefan Milojevic, the leader of the United Tribuns in Majorca.

Seven arrests in Majorca were made by midday. Fourteen searches were carried out. One of these, in Calle Bisbe Bernat Nadal in Palma, uncovered equipment for adulterating drugs, a large amount of cash, and police vests. Those under arrest face charges of belonging to a criminal organisation, drug trafficking, document fraud and causing injury.

The United Tribuns association is said to be the focus of the police operation. Founded in Germany in 2004, it defines itself as a union of bodybuilders, martial artists and doormen as well as a "rockers" association. It has certain similarities to the Hells Angels and is said to have been seeking to control the drugs trade in certain clubs and through clandestine parties and brothels, with members acting as security guards.


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