Sant Sebastia hosts a wide range of activities and events

Sant Sebastia hosts a wide range of activities and events in Palma.

12-01-2019T. AYUGA

Palma City Council has announced a meeting of brotherhoods of Sant Sebastià.

It’s being organised by the Obreria de Sant Sebastià (brotherhood) to create new channels of participation in the Revetla “to promote a feeling of appreciation of the residents for the festivities and promote our own traditions and we want to expand the fiesta so that it starts on the morning of January 19 to encourage participation.”

The Obreria de Sant Sebastià is an Association that was legally constituted in October 2019. It brings together the different party brotherhoods that exist in Palma and acts as the Federation of Brotherhoods, encouraging participation of the associative fabric and the self-management of the festivities.

“There are about 35 brotherhoods in Palma that have a total of 1,300 brothers with 30 to 250 members," said the Councillor of Citizen Participation and Internal Government, Alberto Jarabo.

In addition to participating in the Sant Sebastià festivities they organise a brotherhood meal and other activities. The meeting of brothers will be the central act on January 19 in Plaça Llorenç Bisbal and it will start at 5pm and end at midnight.

There will also be parades with musical performances in Plaça de Weyler from 9pm until 3am and in Calle dels Olmos from 9pm until 2am.


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