ITV station in Palma

ITV station in Palma.

17-01-2020P. PELLICER

The Balearic Business Federation of Transportation, or FEBT says it’s extremely concerned about the Technical Inspection Service or ITV backlog in Majorca.

“Freight transport companies have been forced to rent trucks with a valid ITV to be able to fulfil their commitments with companies on the Peninsula, because their own vehicles haven’t passed the inspection service.”

The FEBT President says he’s also filed a formal complaint with the Consell "because we are tired of dialogue, things are not being resolved, the situation just gets worse and it’s causing increasing delays."

Mr Roig added: “There is much concern about the economic impact of this situation and the growing insecurity in companies, because there will be buses, trucks and taxis that haven’t passed the ITV review before the start of the summer season.”

The FEBT President said the Consell promised to speak with the dealer of the Technical Inspection Service in Majorca to establish a crash plan within a week.


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

Too manyCars , not enough controls and services.