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17-01-2020Youtube: laSexta

The new booze legislation announced by the Balearic government for Magalluf and Playa de Palma is as follows.

· Six alcoholic drinks (unspecified) per day on all inclusive packages.

· Limits on shops selling alcoholic drinks in the resorts.

· The end of Happy Hour and other activities which encourage alleged excessive drinking.

· Two strikes and you are closed for bars breaking the law on the sale of alcohol, maximum fine of 600,000 euros and closure for three years.

· Crackdown on balconying.

· Moves to ban pub crawls and PRs encouraging excessive drinking.

· Crackdown on party boats.

· Crackdown on under age drinking.



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Andrew Gamblin / Hace over 2 years

Does anyone know how these new laws are being enforced in Palma Nova hotels as of today 22/1/20 ednesd


Fred. / Hace over 2 years

Again I welcome these controls. Because people are on holiday is not a reason to act like greedy hooligans. That applies to all Nationalitiess.