The sobrassad with hooks

The sobrassad with hooks.

17-01-2020Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Residents of Camí de na Cerdana, in the Sa Indioteria neighbourhood of Palma say they’ve found hooks inside pieces sobrasada that were left in the streets and they're worried that children might get hurt if they pick up the sobrasada to play with it.

"About a year ago we found a piece of sobrasada that was poisoned, and just before the end of the year we saw two other pieces of sobrasada with hooks inside,” claims one neighbour.

One of the pieces reportedly had a single hook inside, the other piece contained two hooks and they were both left near the gates of houses.

"We think it's because of the stray cats but a lot of people in these houses have pet dogs and cats and we are worried about the children getting hurt when they cross the street to go to school,” said the neighbour, adding, "we believe that the person who leaves the sobrasada doesn’t see the danger and the consequences it can have."


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Juan love / Hace over 2 years

"The person doesn't see the danger"......?

Why else would somebody do this if not to cause harm to an animal?