The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is based in Anantapur.


President Armengol is due to make an official visit to India at the end of the month and spend five days during which she will go to the Fundación Vicente Ferrer facilities in Anantapur.

The government has been collaborating with the foundation for some years. This is through the fund for international cooperation. To date, however, no regional president has been to Anantapur.

She will be opening a hospital, which has received Balearic government finance, and also a school. This has been given financial support by a number of people from the world of the arts; they will also be going to India.


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Bert / Hace over 2 years

Don’t be ridiculous. She is one of the most important politicians in Spain, possibly in the EU and should be treated as such. Not only that, I have doubts that the 7 people she is taking with her will be enough. Personally I feel that a private jet, stopping in Dubai for a few days, is called for. I think most taxpayers will agree with me about this.


MelB / Hace over 2 years

I sincerely hope she will travel economy class and stay in no more than a 3 star hotel.