Vegetable Tortilla. Archive photo. | Lydia E. Corral

March 9 is International Tortilla Day and people are busy tweeting their recipes in the build up to the big event.

The tortilla de patatas Spanish potato omelette is one of Spain?s most popular dishes.
The recipe is said to have originated in Extremadura at the end of the eighteenth century. Javier López Linage, who researched the origins of the tortilla for the Spanish National Research Council, attributes its invention to Joseph de Tena Godoy and the Marqués de Robledo in Villanueva de Serena in 1798.

At that time, there was hunger brought about by armed conflicts and poor harvests. There was a great demand for cheap and nutritious food, and the tortilla fitted the bill.

So, if you think you can make a delicious tortilla email us your recipe and provide a picture if you feel that confident.