Two Guardia Civil officers guard Tòfol T. P. during a search. | A. Sepúlveda

A 40-year-old man who was suspected of murdering a Moroccan man in 2018 has been found dead in Son Banya.

National Police Officers were deployed to the scene at around 10.20 on Wednesday after residents informed them that there was a corpse lying in the road.

Emergency Services, 061 personnel confirmed his death at the scene and the body was later identified as murder suspect, Tòfol TP.


Investigators believe that Tòfol TP died as a result of a possible overdose and an autopsy is being carried out at the Forensic Anatomical Institute in Palma to clarify the exact cause of death.

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Tòfol TP was arrested in January last year for allegedly murdering 26-year-old, Mustapha El Karchaoui, cutting him up and dumping his remains in s’Albufera national park, but the victim’s body has never been found.