Farmers have staged protests in the past. | Joan Torres - Archive

In Campos at midday today (Saturday), there will be a protest designed to heighten awareness of the need to consume local produce. It has been organised by the Asaja agricultural businesses association, the Farmers Union, and the UPA association for small farmers and stockbreeders. They say that the survival of the agricultural sector is dependent on local produce being consumed in Majorca and throughout the Balearics.

The event will highlight various problems which threaten the viability of "all farmers in the Balearics". Dairy produce is just one example of where the threat is said to exist. The farming businesses insist that there shouldn't be the need to import so much milk.

The "very high" costs of production in the Balearics are a problem. These costs are "unacceptable", given that prices don't rise. There need to be solutions to address a "series of injustices" in which consumers, local authorities, and the distribution, hotel and restaurant sectors should all intervene.