Prices for MOTs in Majorca will be the lowest in the country. | Pilar Pellicer - Archive

The Council of Majorca's councillor for mobility, Iván Sevillano, announced on Tuesday that from the end of March there will be a further 15% reduction in the prices for ITV (MOT) inspections. In January, the charges went down 25%. With these reductions, tests in Majorca will be the cheapest in the country.

At the end of March, the price for a petrol car will be 17.01 euros plus a 4.10 euros charge by the traffic directorate. The price for diesel cars will be 30.93 euros plus 4.10. For motorcycles it will be 10.21 euros plus 4.10.

From April, the councillor noted, it will be possible to make payment for tests online. Drivers will be able to go straight into the queues for the tests without having to do the paperwork.

The current average waiting time for an appointment, he said, is approximately two months. A short while ago it was four months.