Doctors Javier Murillas and Jordi Reina from the Son Espases microbiology unit.

10-02-2020Jaume Morey

The eight-year-old boy who was admitted to Son Espases Hospital, suspected of having coronavirus, has tested negative.

The boy had contact with the British man who has tested positive and was displaying symptoms which suggested that he might have coronavirus. Results of samples analysed at the National Microbiology Centre in Madrid show that he is negative but does have the common flu.

The latest test results for the British man are still positive for coronavirus, while they are once more negative for his wife and two daughters.


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Stan / Hace about 1 year

Mallorcan Health Authorities MUST now start temperature checking on ALL the people coming from arriving Aircraft and Cruise Ships. E.g. Aircraft Air Filters are not changed as often as they should be according to Servicing Schedules. So the air that circulates within the Cabin is stale and contains the germs of any passenger with any infection. Airlines must change filters almost for every Flight. Wearing FaceMasks will help during the Flight.