Steve Walsh contracted the virus in Singapore whilst on a work trip. | Twitter/Daily Mail

The British man who unknowingly infected 11 people with coronavirus, including a British Expat in Majorca has been named.

Steve Walsh, who’s 53 years old and the father of two children comes from Brighton. He was infected with the disease during a work trip to Singapore, where he gave a conference organised by Servomex at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

He later travelled to Les Contamines-Montjoie, to spend a few days of skiing with some friends and returned to London on an EasyJet flight carrying more than 100 passengers.

He also went to the Grenadier Pub near his house and five employees there have been instructed to isolate themselves as a precaution and contact the authorities if they develop any symptoms of coronavirus.

Mr Walsh, who’s in an isolation unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, told the Daily Mail newspaper that he went straight to hospital after finding out that someone he met in Singapore had been diagnosed with coronavirus.

"They advised me to enter the hospital despite having no symptoms," he said, "and when they confirmed me as positive, they transferred me to the isolation unit that I am in now and I am completely cured.”

He says he regrets having infected 11 people at a ski resort in the French Alps and confirmed that his entire family is in quarantine as a precautionary measure.

"I would like to thank the NHS for their help and care and although I have fully recovered, my thoughts are with the other people who have contracted coronavirus," he said.