Dr. Sion Riera in front of an audience full of professionals working at the hospital. | Ultima Hora

More than 300 Health Workers attended a lecture on coronavirus at Son Espases Hospital yesterday.

Medical Director, Carmen Sanclemente, presented the session, Head of Virology, Jordi Reina explained the technicalities of the virus and Dr. Sion Riera, Head of the Infectious section of Son Espases, talked about how human contagion was detected and how the virus evolves according to scientific publications.

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Dr. Luisa Martín, Hospital Internist and President of the Infectious Commission at Son Espases Hospital explained the protocols that have been adapted weekly according to what was agreed with the Ministry of Health and Olga Hidalgo, Head of Preventive Medicine, explained the protection measures required when attending to patients with the virus and emphasised the importance of washing hands.

"We have experienced many virus epidemics and they always happen in the same way, the first cases are serious, the second less so and then the disease is incorporated amongst the types of respiratory viruses that stay with us,” said Dr Riera.

More talks with workers are scheduled to take place today and IB-Salut Management will discuss the virus with Union representatives on Friday in Son Llàtzer.