The Balearic and Spanish governments had clashed over the diesel ban. | Archive

The ban on new diesel vehicles in the Balearics from 2025 will, after all, be allowed to take effect.

This provision in the regional climate change law had created a conflict with the Spanish government, as the prohibition is earlier than that envisaged by state law. In order to avoid the matter being taken to the Constitutional Court, the Balearic government had to suspend this provision. However, the latest draft text of the Spanish government's legislation contemplates making an exception for the Balearics.

The regional minister for energy transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, has expressed his satisfaction at this development. "As I have always said, the suspension did not mean the withdrawal of the law. The position of the Balearic government will now be strengthened."

Yllanes adds that the earlier introduction of a ban for the Balearics "is not a whim". It represents a government commitment "to improving air quality". He is grateful that Madrid will be making this objective a priority.