A total of nine years for the five members of the gang.

Five members of a burglary gang were given sentences ranging from six months to three and a half years by a Palma court on Tuesday.

Over the course of January 2019, the gang committed 21 robberies in Palma. Three would enter properties, one would keep watch, while the fifth received stolen goods that were then sold in secondhand stores or on the black market.

The burglaries were committed in Sant Agustí, Son Xigala, Son Moix, Sa Taulera and Secar de la Real. The five were arrested by the National Police in February and March.

The two ringleaders received sentences of three and a half years. Two others, sentenced to eleven and seventeen months, have had these sentences suspended; they were considered to be accomplices of the two ringleaders. The six-month sentence was for receiving.