CineCiutat presents a campaign to save the cinema

CineCiutat presents a campaign to save the cinema which often plays films in their original language.


The CineCiutat cinema complex well known for its commitment to independent film and screening scores of films in their original version, mainly English, is struggling for survival.

Continual technological changes and advances in the audio visual industry have been pushing up operating costs and now, the cinema has been forced to launch a crowdfunding campaign to try and raise necessary funds to remain open.

In the short term, the cinema needs 32,000 euros by 22 March and, in the mid term, at least 60,000 euros to guarantee its future.

This is not the first time the complex has called for the support of the general public. Eight years ago, when it was the Renoir, it faced and overcame, a similar dilemma, with the help of some 1,000 members of the cinema and the 70,000 members of the public who use the cinema every year.

The crowdfunding operation was launched at midnight last night and will continue until 1 May.

Representatives for the cinema said yesterday that apart from updating and reforming the complex, the aim is to create the first cinema in Spain which operates on renewable energy.

Apart from being extremely popular for screening films in their original version, CineCiutat, which depends on the daily dedication of 20 volunteers, has become the headquarters for a number of major film festivals and events in Majorca.

To donate, the website is: and the hashtag #Másqueuncine is also being launched as part of the battle to stay alive.


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S.O. / Hace about 1 year

@Steve: might it be a problem with your credit card not being Spanish? Not the fault of the cinema not accepting it but because your bank or card issuer won’t accept the cinema? I only say this because I had the reverse happen to me on one occasion. My Spanish credit card wasn’t accepted to pay something in the UK. As I had never had an issue previously I thought it was the supplier’s fault but it turned out to be my bank’s. I spoke to them and they sorted it. Hope you manage to make your donation,


Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

I have tried to pay a donation to Cine Ciutat to help support their appeal HOWEVER despite foklowing instructions on the site it refused my payment which I attempted from the UK. If I am.not alone in this, the cinema may be losing many potential donations.