Train overcrowding is a common complaint. | Antoni Martín

A train broke down on Thursday morning and caused delays and overcrowding.

The SFM rail operator had to reschedule services that affected passengers at Santa Maria in particular. SFM explained that two services were cancelled - the 06.07 Inca Express from Palma and the 06.50 from Inca. These cancellations caused delays "of some ten minutes" to the 06.17 from Palma and the 06.56 from Inca.

Passengers complained about a train which didn't stop at Santa Maria. SFM said that this was an express train that had been delayed and was not the one that passengers would have been waiting for at that time.

Those affected called on SFM to take measures to prevent delays and overcrowding, which means passengers have to stand. The rail operator apologised for any inconvenience and stressed that it is currently working on improvements to the service under the agreement with the works committee. This will result in more personnel.