Two of the accused arriving at court. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

The Guardia Civil have arrested three people in connection with an alleged seven-figure property fraud involving modular homes in Majorca.

The main accused is a builder identified as Miquel T.C., whose businesses GRC and Modma were offering modular homes. He is said to have had the services of architects who presented building projects to town halls and to have then started to ask for money from buyers. Clearance and digging work was done, but the houses were not built.

Six people are known to have been affected. They have all reported what has happened. One of the six has lost over 200,000 euros. The Guardia anticipate that there will be more people than these six. It is understood that most of these houses were due to have been built in the Marratxi area.

A business partner and the wife of the builder have also been arrested. All three appeared in court on Thursday, were charged and released.