The Brexit conference at the Majorca Chamber of Commerce.


At a conference about the impact of Brexit at the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, concern was expressed about the uncertainty of the Brexit process and what will happen from the start of 2021. The focus of the debate was the effect on food exports, for which the UK is a "very important" market, such as for Sa Pobla potatoes.

The manager for Mateu Export, Juan Mateu, called on the authorities to do whatever they consider necessary in order to maintain business contacts with the UK. Gabriel Trenzado for Spain's agro-food cooperatives said that it was very difficult to measure the economic impact of Brexit and believed that the effects are largely unpredictable.

Carmen González from the national ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food observed that Spain's principal food exports include fruit and pork products and that Spain has prepared for the possibility that there is a no-deal Brexit. Meanwhile, negotiations will centre on an agreement with zero tariffs and quotas, "close cooperation between both parties and equality of conditions".