National Police Investigate Palma Prostitution - Ultima Hora Archive Photo | Ultima Hora

A Guinean man and a Dominican woman have been detained in Palma for allegedly prostituting minors who’d escaped from Juvenile Detention Centres.

Police say their investigation into the gang rape of a teenager in the Corea neighbourhood of the city on Christmas Eve led to the arrests.

The teenage victim told Officers that a woman had rescued her from an alley in Son Gotleu when two men were trying to rape her.

Police believe the female defendant befriended the girls who’d fled the centres, took them to a bar in Son Gotleu where she gave them drugs and alcohol, then handed them over to customers.

The male defendant allegedly gave the teenagers clothes and mobile phones in return for sex.

The six minors who were arrested in connection with the alleged rape of the girl in Corea claim the sex was consensual and one adult who was also detained denies any involvement in the incident.

The teenager victim was transferred to a Juvenile Centre in norther Spain after telling the authorities she was scared of being attacked in retaliation for reporting the rape.