Es Pinaret Juvenile Detention Centre, Majorca - Archive Photo | Ultima Hora

The Balearic Parliament will decide on Tuesday whether to create an Investigative Commission to look into cases of alleged prostitution, abuse and the sexual exploitation of minors at Juvenile Detention Centres in Majorca.

The plenary session of the chamber will discuss two requests for an Inquiry into the scandal of alleged child prostitution uncovered by the Mallorquin Institute of Social Affairs, or IMAS.

Last Thursday, the plenary session of the Consell de Mallorca rejected calls to create an Investigative Commission, but approved the establishment of a group of experts to analyse what happened and to improve resources and protocols for the protection of minors in their care.

This issue was raised with the President of the Government, Francina Armengol, and members of her cabinet during the last sessions of Parliament and will be put forward again on Tuesday with the Chief Executive and the Consellera of Presidency, Pilar Costa.

In other business, the validation or repeal of the Government’s Decree Law to promote the Parc Bit technological innovation polygon in Palma will be voted on at the next plenary session.

The opposition will also ask the President and Government Ministers about cruise control, the effect that the Decree against Tourism Excesses will have on holiday reservations and the increase of high positions within the Regional Executive.