EMT Protestors in Palma on Monday. | M. À. Cañellas

Monday’s protest against changes to the EMT bus routes in Palma has been suspended because it wasn't authorised.

The Neighbourhood Associations didn’t tell the Government Delegation about their planned demonstration, but say they’ll arrange a new date as soon as soon as the necessary permits have been granted.

A huge number residents are outraged by the raft of changes to EMT’s bus network in Palma and the Federation of Veïnats de sa Ciutat and the Son Armadans Neighbourhood Association intend to block the city centre with hundreds of cars for at least a week to demonstrate their anger.

The protest is likely to cause gridlock in several areas of the city, including Es Fortí, Sa Teulera, Amics de Santa Catalina, Passeig del Born, Es Molinar and Ses Cases Noves des Coll.

The protest organisers have vowed to continue to keep demonstrating until Palma City Council rectifies the changes made to bus lines 2, 5, 3, 15, 35 and 29, which they claim have had an extremely negative effect on their neighbourhoods.