Image of the Serra del Cavall Bernat - archive | Ultima Hora

There are many things that make Majora special and Serra del Cavall Bernat, in Cala Sant Vicenç, is one of them. Its famous for a spectacular lighting phenomena that can only be seen on the north coast of the island.

At specific times, on a few days in February, the shadow of a horse appears on the massive northwest facing cliff that?s 365 meters high and nearly 3,000 meters long.

Video of the image taken from Puerta Pollensa by Marcos Molina has been shared on social networks by Pep Vives and the footage has gone viral.

This mystery of nature has been admired over the years by thousands of residents, tourists and famous personalities who?ve visited the Island and the horse also appears in a painting by the Spanish artist, Joaquín Sorolla.

Forat de Mallorca, which is also known as Es Pont is another natural wonder on this island. The Cala Romagueral rock in Pollensa has a hole in it that?s the shape of Majorca.

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