The dogs require a great deal of attention and medication. | Julio Bastida - Archive

Police officers in Palma have complained that the two dogs from the defunct Canine Unit which are now at the Mounted Police's facilities and suffer from leishmaniasis are not being cared for properly.

At a meeting of police union and senior police representatives last week, the issue of the Canine Unit was brought up. Union officials said that housing the dogs at the Mounted Police's Bellver Castle facilities was causing serious problems. This was because of the dogs' poor health and in particular because the person assigned to treat them was not going regularly. Members of the Mounted Police were taking it upon themselves to look after the dogs.

It was noted that the dogs require a great deal of attention and medication. One is now said to be acting aggressively when receiving medication.

Police chiefs told the union representatives that a report from the Son Reus municipal animal refuge had indicated that the Mounted Police facilities were the most appropriate for the dogs and for their recovery. "At no time was it intended that the Mounted Police Unit should assume these functions."