Son Espases Hospital in Palma. | Archive

The British man who had tested positive for coronavirus in Majorca and who has now been discharged from hospital has sent a letter of thanks to Son Espases Hospital.

"My health is good and I'm happy to be back home. I would like to thank all the staff at Son Espases for the support they gave me and my family during the time we were in hospital. I would equally like to thank all the health service professionals and organisations in Majorca and on the mainland."

He goes on to share the good news that all his companions from the skiing group in France, including the eleven in England and France, "have recovered rapidly from the virus". "We all had mild symptoms and required minimum medical treatment during our period in isolation."

He asks for his and his family's privacy to be respected and concludes his letter with a message of hope. "We appreciate that the virus can be dangerous for some people, but we have wanted to share important facts about our situation so as to reassure people."