The contracting-out of maintenance is blamed for rail faults. | Teresa Ayuga - Archive

The works committee at the SFM rail operator has called for the Balearic parliament to set up a commission of investigation to determine political responsibilities for the lack of safety on trains, which is the consequence of poor maintenance management.

The representatives of SFM workers argue that problems with morning rush hour trains this week have been "covered up as unexpected" when they were in fact the consequence of a situation that the works committee has been drawing attention to for the past two years.

The works committee attaches particular blame to the contracting-out of maintenance and repair services. This has led to fires on trains and to "systematic breakdowns" of trains. There can be faults with train door unlocking mechanisms, which could be a "deathtrap" if carriages needed to be evacuated.

Given the "passivity" of the SFM management in not supervising the work of "third parties", the works committee is demanding a change in direction in the running of the railway.