Spain's health minister Salvador Illa (second left) at Son Espases on Wednesday. | Efe

Speaking in Palma on Wednesday, Spain's health minister Salvador Illa said that the treatment of the patient with coronavirus at Son Espases had been "by the book" and a "model" of management.

Illa stated that this management was key for always making decisions based on the criteria set out by experts and on intense coordination between the health services in the Balearics and other Spanish regions. There are always "details which can be improved", but in his opinion the approach to the case had followed all the rules. He observed that there has been no other coronavirus case in Spain since the patients in Palma and La Gomera had been discharged, and he expressed his confidence in the health service.

Not wishing to comment on Russia's decision to prevent Chinese citizens from entering the country, the minister added that Spain is continuing to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which has not sent out any restriction regarding the movement of goods or people.

"The measures we have adopted are sufficient to guarantee the health of all Spanish citizens. If we have to apply other measures, we will do so and always in coordination with regional governments, which have a key role. Asked whether workers at ports and airports should wear protection, Illa replied that "if they needed to wear protection, then they would".