Michael Douglas with Ca'n Costa Restaurant owner, Natalia Moll. | Ca'n Costa

The Hollywood Actor and Producer, Michael Douglas is back in Majorca and is reportedly planning to stay at his s’Estaca property for a few days.

After the death of his father, Kirk Douglas, a few weeks ago, he took refuge in Majorca with his family, but this time it seems he came alone. His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones and children, Cameron, Dylan and Carys have not been seen at the property.

The 250 acre S’Estaca estate in Valldemossa has 5 apartments, a loft, 2 cottages, a spa, a pool and stunning sea views and was once owned by Archiduc Lluís Salvador. Michael Douglas bought it with his ex-wife Diandra Luker in 1990. He put it back on the market for a cool 55 million euros in 2014 and although it has dropped in price since then it still hasn’t been sold.

Michael enjoys spending time at his Majorca property and likes to get out and about too. This week he went to one of his favourite restaurants, Ca'n Costa in Valldemossa and the owner, Natalia Moll, published a photo of her and the actor, who’s a big fan of Majorcan cuisine.

On Friday, the actor was spotted having lunch at the chic Canela Restaurant in Palma’s Old Town.

The almond blossom trees in Majorca are in full bloom and like many others, Michael Douglas often visits the island at this time of the year to take in the beautiful landscape.