In court in Palma on Monday. | Alejandro Sepulveda

A 46-year-old mechanic stated at the Provincial Court in Palma on Monday that he had not driven a car which was involved in an accident with a moped that left the rider semiconscious and seriously injured.

The case goes back to March 2017. Responding to questions from his defence lawyer, the accused told the court that he had worked on the car at the garage where he was employed, had parked it the day before the accident and had not touched it afterwards.

The defence is calling for him to be acquitted, while the prosecution is pressing for three and a half years for driving without a licence and for failing to report an accident and to help the victim of the accident.

The prosecution lawyer said in court that the accused had previously been found guilty of driving without a licence in 2015 (the licence having been withdrawn) and that he had not attended an awareness course that he should have done. He did not have permission to use the car away from the garage but had driven it between Palma and Cala Ratjada. He lost control of the car and hit the moped which was travelling in the opposite direction. He drove off without helping the rider of the moped and parked the car without returning it to the garage. The car was found some days later.