"Malice in Nomadsland" was another success. | Benjamin Grimley

In the end, Alice and Knave lived happily ever after, Alice having discovered the hole out of Wonderland and away from the evil intents of the axe-wielding, mad Bad Alice.

Along the way, sweet, naive Alice had been introduced to binge-drinking and, courtesy of the hookah-smoking Caterpillar hippy, to pot. Alice fell for Knave, much to the displeasure of the Princess of Hearts, who was to become Bad Alice’s accomplice.

The Duchess convinced Alice that she and Knave should steal the Tarts, who had been making special offers to keep gentlemen warm in February.

The consequences were inevitable, despite the efforts of the Cheshire Cat who peed all over the Queen of Hearts and Bad Alice prior to the sentencing - Off with her head! But fortunately for Alice, she found the hole out. With Knave making his escape as well, it was once more time for tea, but this time not in Wonderland.

Malice in Nomadsland was another success for Nomads, one that featured some remarkable costumes, thanks to costumier-in-chief Jan Shrimpton and the others who made costumes for themselves or for others - Duncan Smith, Konni Ketelsen and Linda Feldman.

It was a particular success, given that there were no fewer than eight Nomads newcomers, including the two youngest members of the cast, Andrea Escribano Levell and Mia Sortino.
And the costumes and make-up were paraded at Alcudia’s Carnival on Sunday afternoon.
Who got first prize for costumes and make-up? Nomads.

Another 300 euros to add to the funds raised for charity over the three performances at Alcudia’s Casa de Cultura.