Yoga classes with dogs in Palma. | Julián Aguirre

Dog yoga has arrived in Majorca for the first time ever and pet owners can now take their dogs to class.

The project is being launched by Álvaro Peregin from 'By Mascota' and Patricia Espinosa from Class Yoga.

“Dog yoga was started in Florida in 2001 and there are already classes in Ibiza, but, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time it has been done in Majorca," says Álvaro.

The class is an hour and a half long and it’s for people who want to practice 'hatha' yoga.

"It's an easy method and we will work on body postures, breathing techniques and meditation," says Patricia, who’s been practicing yoga for seven years and says this will be her first class with dogs.

"I have taught yoga for children, therapeutic and dynamic yoga and I wanted to teach with dogs because they have a special sensitivity and are able to know our mood,” she says.

The aim is to bring yoga and the affection owners have for their dogs closer to the neighbourhood and people can take the class at 'By Mascot' with or without a dog, but there are some rules.

"We ask that they are quiet dogs and puppies are vaccinated and if they are potentially dangerous dogs they must be muzzled,” Adelina Guash, of 'By pet’ explains.

Several dogs have already participated in a trial to see how they behaved. Álvaro, Adelina and Patricia said they made slow movements on the mats to meditation music whilst concentrating on their breathing as the dogs, Yuri, Hasshim, Brun, Alma and Lola were brought in and that they just sat next to the mats and calmly watched the class.

Most dog owners consider their animals part of the family and if they’re into yoga they can now practice in class with their dogs for 15 euros.